Caroline Koll

Name and surnamed:  Caroline Koll

Nationality:  South African

Date of birth:  1976/10/06

Residence:  Benoni, South Africa

Your first triathlon:  Age 19 (That is a long time ago :O). First Tri right here in my home town of Benoni

Link perso:


Why do you practice triathlon ?

To burn some calories and satisfy my competitive nature.

What is the best LD Triathlon you ever raced ?

Tough one ;/… So many good races out there for different reasons. But standouts would be Ironman Cozumel, Ostseeman – Germany, Weihai China….

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of ?

Forget Kona, I would like to do a LD race in an unusual place/country that I have never been to before. I am wowed by atmosphere and people, not commercialism

Which LD Triathlon offered you the best swim (landscape, pleasure etc.)?

Ironman Cozumel – can’t get better swimming in a tropical fish tank! Of course, if you are afraid of Corel or ugly fish don’t go there.

Indian Ocean Triathlon is a stand out too – 27deg water, super clear Corel reef, with a very amusing current ;D

Which LD Triathlon offered you the best bike circuit (landscape, pleasure etc.)?

Ironman France. Embrun Man…. France is a cycling paradise and you get to ride up climbs that have been stages in the Tour de France

Which LD Triathlon offered you the best run (landscape, pleasure etc.)?

Ostseeman Germany – There are a number of surfaces, hills and interesting twists and turns through forested areas and quaint villages. Nothing worse than those epic long straight, flat roads! Challenge Roth also fantastic atmosphere, although I haven’t actually raced there.

What do you generally expect from a LD Triathlon?

Pain and suffering :D?

Why did you choose this picture?

I am not grimacing :D!!

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