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Vicenç Castellà

Vicenç Castella in Klagenfurt

 Vicenç Castellà Serra  Spain  12/06/85  Barcelona  Triatló de La Vila, july 2009 I like a lot doing sport, and triathlon is so complete! You can experience so many thinks swimming, cycling and running. Combining this 3 sports is really a tough effort but it is so grateful. IRONMAN KLAGENFURT. it was a perfect performance on a perfect …

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Bertrand Billard

Bertrand Billard Belfort Triathlon by Christophe Guiard Triathlete magazine

 Bertrand Billard  French  08/07/87  Montpellier  Bar-le-Duc, probably in 97 or 98 twitter : @bertrand_bill Photo : copyright Christophe Guiard / Triathlete Magazine I started following the tracks of my father and my brother. I enjoy a lot triathlon training and it provides me strong feelings in competition. I’m currently a professional triathlete, I appreciate this way of life, …

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Marcel Zamora

Marcel Zamora on his 4th victory on Embrunman

 Marcel Zamora  Spanish  1978  Banyoles (Girona / Spain) The first triathlon I raced was on the Castelldefels beach (Barcelona), but this race doesn’t exist anymore. It was my first year with the “Dream Team Triatló”, and I didn’t want to swim (I was duathlete). But finally coach Pere Bossa managed to convince me and after a few months in the …

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Wayne Kurtz

Wayne Kurtz Ultra Triathlon

 Wayne Kurtz  American  September 19th  Pittsburgh, PA  1986, Butler YMCA Sprint Triathlon,,,   It’s been a 27 year passion competing around the world and the main reasons why include : determining what’s my physical and mental limit during an event along with meeting so many great friends over the years.   It’s a lifestyle that has cross-over …

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Gonzalo Puig Lombardi

Gonzalo Puig

 Gonzalo Puig Lombardi  Uruguay  Mojarra  1989  Montevideo, UY  Malvin, UY super sprint in 2007   I love the sport, I love sport in general. I started triathlon in a very amateur and hobby way when I was 17 in 2007. Then I moved to a competitive phase and now I’m in a very intermediate state between competition and hobby. …

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Caroline Koll

Caroline Koll Triathlon Republic

 Caroline Koll  South African  1976/10/06  Benoni, South Africa  Age 19 (That is a long time ago :O). First Tri right here in my home town of Benoni   To burn some calories and satisfy my competitive nature. Tough one ;/… So many good races out there for different reasons. But standouts would be Ironman Cozumel, Ostseeman – Germany, Weihai China…. …

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David Henestrosa

David Henestrosa Triathlete

 David Henestrosa Roca  Vito  Catalonian  09-02-1977  Clearfield, UT  Cambrils, Esp 1992   I practice triathlon to feel my body alive, to meet new friends and share my experience. Xterra Lake Tahoe. I loved the crystalline water, the sandy single tracks, and the altitude. So now the lake Tahoe Ironman must be one of the best races in the planet …

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Albert Comas

Albert Comas Ironman Hawaï

 Albert Comas  Catalonian  27-10-67  Miami   For the lifestyle, for the competition and to complete one day the perfect race IM Hawaii (Kona) sub 9h – IM Hawaii IM Cozumel and IM Hawaii IM Coeur d’Alene, IM Louisville I’ve never found pleasure at an IM run, jaja … but probably Hawaii for the history and the energy. I also always …

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Ladi Demko

Ladi Demko Ironman Lanzarote

 Ladi Demko  USA/Slovakia  25/05/74  Barcelona/Spain  @ladidemko   I practice triathlon for one and only one single reason- it is my way of life, lifestyle which gives me freedom of motion in 3 sport activities as is swim, bike and run. The best LD triathlon I have ever raced was this year IM Lanzarote. Hmmmm, I dream big, so for …

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Jean-François DOR

Jean-François Dor Norseman

 Jean-François DOR  French  29/10/77  Saint Marcellin   I like triathlon values : it’s a sport for everyone, men and women, young or mature, paratriathletes, pros and amateurs. It’s a life lesson. Definitely the Norseman 2012, in Norway. It’s the most mythical Ironman distance race from my point of view. The organization still reflects the authentical values of triathlon. Throughout the race …

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