Gonzalo Puig Lombardi

Name and surnamed:  Gonzalo Puig Lombardi

Nationality:  Uruguay

Nickname: Mojarra

Date of birth:  1989

Residence:  Montevideo, UY

Your first triathlon:  Malvin, UY super sprint in 2007

Link perso:   https://twitter.com/GonzaTRIA


Why do you practice triathlon ?

I love the sport, I love sport in general. I started triathlon in a very amateur and hobby way when I was 17 in 2007. Then I moved to a competitive phase and now I’m in a very intermediate state between competition and hobby. It’s funny because you get addicted, it’s hard to cut out sport from your life. I chopped many hours but I can’t live without it.

What is the best LD Triathlon you ever raced ?

I only raced one LD tri in my life so far, even though Miami 70.3, Pucon 70.3 and Half Punta are on my planned schedule for the rest of the year. So I can only say Half Punta is the best one I’ve done, and maybe it will be. It’s a national race so far, with the desire to become an international one, you can say it’s a regional level race because most of the participants are from Argentina and Brasil, which makes it better organized than our local races. Despite the smaller status it’s a beautiful course, throughout, the organizers can and must do better, yet it has the potential to be an international race. I think most of the races are not held in such beautiful places.

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of ?

I dream of racing in an island. Of course a common dreamed LD race is Hawaii both for the IM or the 70.3. Even if I would settle for any tropical island LD race whether it’s the Caribbean or Asia, I must admit I would love to race in Hawaii , and stay there for a while ;)

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of for the swim?

Would love the Caribbean, I have friends who raced in Cozumel and they say you don’t want to ever leave the swim, as opposed to some races I did, where being as close to the leader was only half of the motivation to sprint the swim!

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of for the bike circuit?

I hope I’m able to race Pucon 70.3 next year, and that is said to be one of the best bike circuits in the world.

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of for the run circuit?

I love run courses along the coast but I guess I would do really good in a rolling hill course, that I expect in Pucon.

What do you generally expect from a LD Triathlon?

Myself I expect a nice place and good enough organization so I can enjoy it, despite my current style of racing means I want to finish ASAP, I do like to enjoy the courses, I’ve done enough racy courses where you don’t enjoy one bit of it. I feel the LD triathlons offer nicer venues, and that’s what people want.

Why did you choose this picture?

I kind of “had to”  ;)  because I only raced one half ironman, and couldn’t find a ton of good pic of it. Still it’s a good memory of a nice bike course, and the first time I had to sit for 90 km non-draft, good experience, almost life changing sport wise.

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