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Photograph : Manu Fernández (Manu Basaran)  Bask Country (Spain)

Manu Fernandez Best Triathlon

Copyright : Photodeporte Manu

Name of the picture : “Un desconocido para mí”

Where : Zarautz (Pais vasco-España)

Camera : Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

Lens : Canon 100-400

Spec : 1/400, f: 2,8,  Iso 400

Manu Fernández : PhotoDeporte website photograph and Finisher Triatlón (Spain) Magazine


I come from an other discipline (rythmic gymnastics) where in a short interval (1´30”) you have to capture a hard work made of long training hours, until you reach the perfection and the elegance in the movements execution.

It was not such a long time ago, on January 29th of 2011, when I was still not familiar to Triathlon… I came by chance to the Winter Triathlon Nationals in Reinosa. I took many pictures of the participants and of Eneko Llanos, winner of the race, absolutely unknown to me then.

Back home, amazed by what I just lived and haunted by Triathlon magic, my curiosity pushed me to learn more about this champion: Eneko Llanos. This triathlete lived only 100km from my house, with a wide palmares of victories. Incredible.

This day I became addicted to every thing around Triathlon world, to the people inside and outside the race, but overall to the triathletes. From this day in January 2011 my camera shot many different triathlon events within all its formats.

This picture of MY big unknown, MY triathlete I admire the most and of course MY big friend Eneko Llanos, has been taken in Zarauz Triathlon 2013. Exceptionally, the race had been converted to duathlon, because of a jellyfish invasion making the swimming cross between the Guetaria and Zarauz beaches impossible.


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