Marcel Zamora

Marcel Zamora

Name and surnamed:  Marcel Zamora

Nationality:  Spanish

Date of birth:  1978

Residence:  Banyoles (Girona / Spain)

Your first triathlon:

The first triathlon I raced was on the Castelldefels beach (Barcelona), but this race doesn’t exist anymore. It was my first year with the “Dream Team Triatló”, and I didn’t want to swim (I was duathlete). But finally coach Pere Bossa managed to convince me and after a few months in the water I started my career.

This was in 1995, and I was a Junior.

Link perso:


Why do you practice triathlon ?

It’s my way of life. I love it. It’s great to travel all around the world, and to meet so many people. Being a pro has allowed me to enjoy it 100%.

What is the best LD Triathlon you ever raced ?

Well… each one has something special I guess, I really don’t know! Spontaneously,  Zarautz (Spain), Embrunman (France), Natureman (France) and Ecotrimad (Spain) come to my mind first. These races are fantastic, and still very authentic. It’s the essence of Triathlon, it’s what matters to me.

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of ?

Definitely the Norseman. I get crazy when I think about racing there! At the moment it’s not easy because it’s too close to Embrunman which remains my main goal in August. I don’t like the current trend in Triathlon with massive events. I’m more interested in this kind of exclusive and exceptional race.

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of for the swim?

Zarautz swim is great, but tough. I think I like it because it’s a crossing. As well, I’d like to mention Banyoles lake, a fabulous spot to train swimming.

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of for the bike circuit?

Probably Embrunman and Extreme Man Getxo. The landscapes and the hard slopes make these circuits unique. I’m also thinking of Natureman. These bike races are made for cyclists!

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of for the run circuit?

Ironman Austria. You get to run on a narrow path and different kinds of surfaces, with an incredibly large public cheering all the way, very impressive… such a bliss!

What do you generally expect from a LD Triathlon?

Usually I want everything to be perfectly fluid and smooth. I really pay attention to the aid stations (even more for Ironman distance), circuit parkings, and details such as sponges on the run for example. Much more than the material given to participants, I appreciate the events where you can feel organizers really make efforts about those little things that make triathletes’ experience better.

Why did you choose this picture?

All my victories have their own story and value, but I’ve chosen this one because I enjoyed so much the superiority I had on this day.

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