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Caroline Koll

Caroline Koll Triathlon Republic

 Caroline Koll  South African  1976/10/06  Benoni, South Africa  Age 19 (That is a long time ago :O). First Tri right here in my home town of Benoni   To burn some calories and satisfy my competitive nature. Tough one ;/… So many good races out there for different reasons. But standouts would be Ironman Cozumel, Ostseeman – Germany, Weihai China…. …

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Albert Comas

Albert Comas Ironman Hawaï

 Albert Comas  Catalonian  27-10-67  Miami   For the lifestyle, for the competition and to complete one day the perfect race IM Hawaii (Kona) sub 9h – IM Hawaii IM Cozumel and IM Hawaii IM Coeur d’Alene, IM Louisville I’ve never found pleasure at an IM run, jaja … but probably Hawaii for the history and the energy. I also always …

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