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Albert Comas

Albert Comas Ironman Hawaï

 Albert Comas  Catalonian  27-10-67  Miami   For the lifestyle, for the competition and to complete one day the perfect race IM Hawaii (Kona) sub 9h – IM Hawaii IM Cozumel and IM Hawaii IM Coeur d’Alene, IM Louisville I’ve never found pleasure at an IM run, jaja … but probably Hawaii for the history and the energy. I also always …

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Jean-François DOR

Jean-François Dor Norseman

 Jean-François DOR  French  29/10/77  Saint Marcellin   I like triathlon values : it’s a sport for everyone, men and women, young or mature, paratriathletes, pros and amateurs. It’s a life lesson. Definitely the Norseman 2012, in Norway. It’s the most mythical Ironman distance race from my point of view. The organization still reflects the authentical values of triathlon. Throughout the race …

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