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Bertrand Billard

Bertrand Billard Belfort Triathlon by Christophe Guiard Triathlete magazine

 Bertrand Billard  French  08/07/87  Montpellier  Bar-le-Duc, probably in 97 or 98 twitter : @bertrand_bill Photo : copyright Christophe Guiard / Triathlete Magazine I started following the tracks of my father and my brother. I enjoy a lot triathlon training and it provides me strong feelings in competition. I’m currently a professional triathlete, I appreciate this way of life, …

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Wayne Kurtz

Wayne Kurtz Ultra Triathlon

 Wayne Kurtz  American  September 19th  Pittsburgh, PA  1986, Butler YMCA Sprint Triathlon,,,   It’s been a 27 year passion competing around the world and the main reasons why include : determining what’s my physical and mental limit during an event along with meeting so many great friends over the years.   It’s a lifestyle that has cross-over …

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Gonzalo Puig Lombardi

Gonzalo Puig

 Gonzalo Puig Lombardi  Uruguay  Mojarra  1989  Montevideo, UY  Malvin, UY super sprint in 2007   I love the sport, I love sport in general. I started triathlon in a very amateur and hobby way when I was 17 in 2007. Then I moved to a competitive phase and now I’m in a very intermediate state between competition and hobby. …

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David Henestrosa

David Henestrosa Triathlete

 David Henestrosa Roca  Vito  Catalonian  09-02-1977  Clearfield, UT  Cambrils, Esp 1992   I practice triathlon to feel my body alive, to meet new friends and share my experience. Xterra Lake Tahoe. I loved the crystalline water, the sandy single tracks, and the altitude. So now the lake Tahoe Ironman must be one of the best races in the planet …

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