Wagner Araujo

Wagner Araujo

Photograph : Wagner Araujo

Nickname : Waguinho A.

Copyright : Wagner Araujo / MundoTRI.com

Name of the picture : Kona sunset

Where : Ironman Hawaii 2012

What camera, and what setup for the pic : Nikon D700, Nikon 70-200 f/2.8, at f/11 1/1000sec ISO 200 -1EV Exposure Spot Metering on sun

Personal website : www.waguinhoa.com.br

Portfolio : http://500px.com/WaguinhoA

Magazine : www.mundotri.com


I’ve been covering Ironman Hawaii for 6 years but I had never shot the sunset. That year I decided to skip the finish line and focus on sunset shots. It was amazing. I took a lot of great shots and saw a totally different perspective of the race. One of the shots was this one. I wanted a silhouette so I decided to underexpose the picture. I was luck enough to get this beautiful sun flare wich I was only able to get at that mnoment. 10 seconds after I couldn’t get anymore, cause the sun was hidden by the clouds. Righ place, right time, right settings. I love this shot because I’m also a Triathlete and Kona is our Meca.


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