Wayne Kurtz

Name and surnamed:  Wayne Kurtz

Nationality:  American

Date of birth:  September 19th

Residence:  Pittsburgh, PA

Your first triathlon:  1986, Butler YMCA Sprint Triathlon

Link perso:   http://www.enduranceracingreoport.com, http://www.racetwitch.com, http://www.beyondtheiron.com, http://www.wayne-kurtz.com


Why do you practice triathlon ?

It’s been a 27 year passion competing around the world and the main reasons why include : determining what’s my physical and mental limit during an event along with meeting so many great friends over the years.   It’s a lifestyle that has cross-over benefits in all aspects of my life.

What is the best LD Triathlon you ever raced ?

Triple DECA Ironman Lake Garda, Italy (30 Ironmans in 30 Days) Guiness WR race Sept. 2013 and was one of 8 athletes in the world to finish the event.

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of ?

I have completed 95 Iron distance triathlons and about 200 other shorter events so not sure what’s the next dream race at this point.  The dream is more about competing for another 30 years around the world !

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of for the swim?

The Slovenia Double Ironman event had a spectacular lake that was calm and amazingly clear water.

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of for the bike circuit?

The Vineman Ironman race in the wine region of California is tough to beat.

Which LD Triathlon do you dream of for the run circuit?

This is a tough one, actually it might be a big city race like the LA Triathlon running through the city.

What do you generally expect from a LD Triathlon?

I expect a solid organization but most important an atmosphere of competition and after the event spending time meeting new athletes around the world to continue to learn new training strategies and races.

Why did you choose this picture?

This race was the ultimate in my career as it was so long (30 Days and 30 Ironmans) and it forced me to ‘Stay in the Present’ every day for each discipline.  My toughest race mentally to get to the finish line after many bike crashes, cold wet weather, injuries and exhaustion.   The 8 of us who finished will be a family forever and in the Guiness record books !

The photo is from the finish line of my greatest event ever from Lake Garda, Italy and the Triple DECA Ironman.

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