Why Triathlon Republic?

To most Long Distance Triathletes, Triathlon is a way of life, but we also realized that everyone has his/her own reasons to practice this amazing sport.

This is why this blog has been created, as a space where we could express these different approaches. We’d like to show the most subjective aspects of this addiction through your opinions and experiences.

We are counting on you to make it relevant. If you want to share one experience, one thought, one idea, Triathlon Republic is your website. Feel free to submit your posts to info@best-triathlon.com. If your input is courteous and constructive, we’ll publish it (publishing terms are the same as for www.Best-Triathlon.com).

Please note that you may directly download our Triathlon Republic   standard form  and send it back to info@best-triathlon.com. It’s a good way of creating an easy backlink to your club, team, or own profile!

Thanks for your passion, thanks for your contribution.

In triathlete we trust.

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