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Being a member of Best Triathlon is an attitude. If you share the ethic and the values of this website, we invite you to carry on with us and enter through the doors of our blog: Triathlon Republic. Like Best Triathlon, this space has been created to enable triathletes to share their experience as well as to be introduced. Take a chance: submit your race journal or your opinions (in the language of your choice) for our perusal. If your text seems sincere and honest, we will gladly publish it. (You can add links to the websites of your choice, personal blogs, etc.).

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Being a member of Best Triathlon can also be a way of recognition. We have developed different categories of users in order to promote the triathletes whose opinion has been judged as useful by other triathletes. The amount of triathlons you have taken part in or the length of subscription to the website does not matter. The only thing that matters is the amount of times your opinion has been flagged as useful by other users.