The Organiser’s corner

Dear Triathlon Organisers,

At, organisers don’t have access to the advertising side and hardly have control over the opinion of their clients, the triathletes themselves.

If you think however that your event is really worth talking about, and that it offers an unparalleled experience, don’t think twice: best-triathlon offers you new communication opportunities.

We give each triathlete the possibility to share his experience and express what he or she experienced and enjoyed the most about your triathlon event. Use this tool to show your objectives, but also to let athletes to let you know about the quality of your event. To do this, nothing is more convincing than story-telling.

What can organisers get out of

It is free of charge for organisers to add their logo or profile photo of their course in order to promote their event on the page. To do this, you just need to send us a picture (500kb maximum) to

You are also free to share the Best-Triathlon link to your event with all your contacts, participants etc. This will allow you to gather more positive opinions and a better position in our ranking charts.

If you organise a long distance Triathlon and your event does not appear on, or if you wish to correct an error, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately by email at We will enter your event quickly into our database or will carry out the necessary corrections. We also invite you to state the price of your event if you think it is a determining factor. If you have a low entry cost, let people know about it!